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They may be little but these kids are the future of the church.  Making each child feel safe, loved, and lifted up is of the upmost importance as we help them begin to lay the foundation on which their faith will grow.  Because of their ages, this is really the first introduction that most of them have had to the Bible, to the stories and lessons within, to God, and to how God fits into their own little world.  We aim to guide and instruct using basic Bible stories, lessons, songs, and activities that have been specifically tailored for this age group.  Watching as the smallest of God’s children begin to grow in their faith and discover that they, too, can have their own personal relationship with Christ is one of the most rewarding aspects of working with this particular age group. Nothing makes my heart smile like hearing a child talk about God, hearing them pray for not only their own needs but for the needs of their friends, their family, and their church, or seeing the look in their eyes when they truly grasp how great the God that they serve really is.    








Shelby Sage

Seeking Out U Lord

3-5 year olds Children's Church




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